Sweet Bres products are made with locally sourced ingredients (where possible) without preservatives, no added chemicals and no food colouring.   
Sweet, simple goodness in every bite!

Our Goal?

At Sweet Bres, our goal is to provide fresh wholesome Artisan Style Breads. Made in small batches, using locally sourced ingredients (where possible), so that we can maintain the best quality possible. 

We do NOT add any preservative or extra chemicals to our breads, and we do NOT use food colouring.  When our breads has distinctive colours these come from vegetables. 

Due to the lack of added preservatives, no added chemicals & no additives the bread has a shorter shelf life then typical Store Bought Bread.  During the summer this can mean it will only last on the counter for up to 3 days, and up to 5 or 6 days during the winter.  As we all would like to get the most out of our bread, the best way to extend the "shelf life" is to put your bread in the fridge (or a cold storage area).  This will extend the life up to 1-2 weeks.  We recommended if you wish to store it longer then 2 weeks, to preslice it, and then store it in your freezer.

*We unfortunately are not able to offer refunds on our product.*

We are always working to improve & develop new products.  This includes breads that contain vegetables, special or unique grains, other ingredients.

In our menu we have a number of breads that are naturally dairy- free, or can be made dairy free upon request.  We also offer a number of other breads suitable for those with egg or artificial sugar allergies.

*I am unfortunately unable to provide gluten free products*

Where are we located? Why Sweet Bres?

Sweet Bre's Boulangerie is currently a small home based business.  We are Proudly Located in Milford Station, Nova Scotia

Sweet Bres was created out of love, and necessity.  My daughter, whom we call Bre, refused to eat pretty much anything, she was quickly going down hill, and we needed to find a way to get her to eat a wider variety of things, not to mention to make "every bite count".  It took a lot of failures before we started getting success, but once we found "our groove" we were quickly able to make many different types of breads & sweet treats that were nutritionally valued added.  I learned quickly that I wasn't the only mom/person looking for great tasting, naturally nutritionally enhanced products; & products made from scratch in a loving, creative environment.

Where Can you Buy our Breads?

Saturdays - 7am - 3pm - Halifax Seaport Farmers Market, 1209 Marginal Rd, Table 111 (we are right beside Noggins Farm)

Sundays - 9am - 3pm - Halifax Seaport Farmers Market, 1209 Marginal Rd, Table 111 (we are right beside Noggins Farm)

Weekends - Delivery Days for HRM & East Hants

We currently have a limited delivery service to our local area of Milford & Surrounding Areas.  Deliveries are made daily after 5pm.   

Want to Pick up your order?  We will make arrangements with you for a suitable time to come by.

Please check  News from the Kitchen or Sweet Bres on Facebook to see the latest.

Most of the my baking is "Made to order", so I usually don't have a lot of extra stock floating around, but occasionally when the kitchen is is filling orders or trying out a new recipe, we have some stock floating around.

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