Bread Menu this week - April 25th & 26th

posted Apr 23, 2015, 8:31 AM by Shelley Raniowski
▲ Dairy Free
 Mini Loaf: Regular Loaf Rolls Specialty Rolls Baguette
 Country White▲ Country White▲ Country White▲ Herb & Garlic Cheese Rolls French White▲
 Hint of Honey Whole Wheat ▲ Challah Hint of Honey Pull-Apart Cinnamon Swirl Rolls  (European style) 
 Cinnamon Swirl Hearty Whole Wheat▲  Cheesy Hamburger Rolls 
 Challah Hint of Honey Whole Wheat ▲   
  Cinnamon Swirl   
  Cheese Bread   
  French White   
  Beet Twist