Its "that time of year again".

posted Sep 10, 2016, 6:51 PM by Shelley Raniowski
As we fall back into the routines of school, and regular activities.  We also are surrounded by all the signs & coming signs of Fall.  The cooler evenings, the briskness in the air.  Which brings thoughts of the coming harvests.  We are saying goodbye to the last of the summer harvest to begin the fall harvests.  We too in the bakery, look at what we are offering and like to offer some seasonal offerings.
We introduced our sandwich thins/rolls this week.  In our popular Homestyle white, Sugar Cane - a whole wheat one, and our 12-grain version. These are great for so many things.  My oldest likes to make one into a breakfast sandwich to take with him on his way to high school (teenagers!), my two grade school littles enjoy using them for their lunch time sandwiches.  I like to split one open and slather on a bit of fresh butter & local jam.   Mmmm-good!  My hubby can be found just nabbing one on his way out the door, and eats them plain (each to their own).  My littlest munchkin like hers split, filled with grated cheese & then put on the panini press, she can also be found coving it with jam & whip cream, or other sandwich fillings.
In the coming weeks we will be bringing back our Harvest Struan, a lovely multigrain bread made with local grains.  An old Scottish traditional fall Harvest bread with a Maritime twist.
We are also working on some other sweet treats getting ready for Thanksgiving and (dare I say it) Christmas.  Right now, our house is still busy with the Back to School however we always have one foot pointing forward looking at what's the coming season will bring.
We look forward to seeing you at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market soon.