Sneak peek for what is planned for Sundays Market Table

posted Mar 11, 2015, 6:28 AM by Shelley Raniowski

A sneak peek at what the members have available on their menu this week (some of these goodies will also be made fresh on Sunday for the Beaver Bank-Kinsac Market )

Mini loaf:
Sourdough white
Maritime brown
Chocolate babka

Sourdough White
Maritime brown
Sunflower-pumpernickel Rye
Chocolate babka
Jalapeno cheese

Regular rolls:
French White
Maritime brown pull aparts
Hint of honey crescents
English Muffin - Whole Wheat

Specialty rolls:
Jalapeno Cheese
Cinnamon swirl

Baguette of the week:

Strudel of the Week (mini or uber):
Apple pie

We will have a few other/ different goodies coming to market this week too! USually I don't bring a lot of mini loaves, or strudels - so if you are interetsed in this please pre-order.