What old is "new" again. Reducing our Refined Sugar Use.

posted Jan 9, 2016, 10:04 AM by Shelley Raniowski   [ updated Jan 9, 2016, 2:03 PM ]
I always enjoy working with my customers to improve the products that I am offering.

In doing this sometimes it means changing a recipe or source for an ingredient I am using.  As I have had many customers concerned about the use of refined sugars in products (not just my products, but those available in general), we had switched to using organic cane sugar in place of our refined white sugar the beginning of September, and starting this week have eliminated all refined brown sugar from our products as well.

We are proud to produce products that only have organic cane sugar (sourced through a ethical local company), maple syrup (produced here in Nova Scotia), Maple sugar granules (produced in Nova Scotia), honey (produced here in Nova Scotia), and Molasses (produced in New Brunswick).  The only refined sugar we are still using is icing sugar.  we will continue to look at alternatives to the refined icing sugar, however at this time have not found a suitable alternative for our yummy icing sugar glaze.

If you would prefer to have your sticky rolls without the icing drizzle to avoid the refined icing sugar please let us know & we would be happy to prepare them un-iced for you.  In the meantime I will be working with my organic cane sugar to perhaps create a clear glaze that can be used in the future.

If you find a product that still lists brown or white sugar you can be assured they no longer contained these sugars, they will instead contain organic cane sugar.  It may take us a little bit to get all our labels fixed up.  Feel free to point out the error so that we may fix it up.  We appreciate your patience while we transition to a more healthy offering.