Currently accepting orders direct to bakery

Please visit the Main Menu to see some of the items we offer. Don't see what you are looking for?  Please ask. There are many things that I make that don't make to the menu, have been archived, or I am happy to make if you ask.

Preorder Here.

Specialty Ordering:

We DO accept specialty orders, we require a minimum of 1-week notice for all special orders.
Some products I make require a multi-day prep & baking cycle, this also allows me time to get ingredients should I be short on something.

Delivery Day:

We are proudly located in Milford Station, NS.

Delivery to Milford Station & surrounding area: (No delivery fees)
  • Monday & Friday 1730h to 1830

Delivery to HRM "right to door" : ($5 delivery charge for orders under $20 / $2 delivery charge for orders $20 & above)
  • Check with us for dates & times

If you wish to pick up, please contact me, to make arrangements.

Storage Suggestions:
Short term:  Place in a dark cool section of your table or counter.  Bread will stay fresh for ~3 days (summer) or 5-6 days (winter).
If you place the bread in a plastic bag after 2 days this should prevent getting a hard crust.
Little longer:  Put your bread in the fridge for up to ~7 days.
Need it stored longer? Suck all the air out of a bag, and place in your freezer for up to 2 weeks.
Long term storage: 1-3 months
May be frozen pre-sliced or whole.  
Wrap the bread in parchment or kitchen paper, then wrap in cling-wrap or a fresh bag (removing all air from the bag).  Then wrap in aluminium foil.  The do another layer of cling wrap or bag (with as much air removed as you can).  Do not use a vac-sealer to remove the air this can cause the loaf to be flattened or become compressed.  It can be stored this way up to 3 month.  Throw away any bread left after 4-6 month, it will tend to become freezer burnt if saved this long.

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Other Information:
We accept prepaid credit (We will keep a tally for you, and each week your form will have the amount of credit left on it).
We accept regular standing orders if you want to always pick up the same bread(s) every week.
I accept orders 7 days a week.