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Current Breads, & Rolls we are offering: (* New & Unique Breads being developed regularly)
Please Note: 🐄 = Contains Dairy; 🐔= Contains Eggs; 🐝 = Contains Honey

"Traditional" White:

Home style

Irish Potato 🐄

Braid, wreath or rolls
Topping Options: Plain, Sesame seeds, poppy seeds, honey brushed, All dressed (poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion flakes, garlic, & salt), brushed with frosting


Cane Sugar White 

Sourdough White (Currently by special request only)

"Traditional" Whole Wheat:
(Made using locally sourced Whole Wheat
flours & grains - Organic & Heritage varieties, along with naturally aging or fermented doughs)

Maritime English Muffins

Whole Wheat English Muffins

Hint of Honey  🐔🐝 

Whole Wheat Irish Potato 🐔

Maritime Brown Bread 🐔

Whole Wheat milk and honey 🐄 🐔🐝

7 Grain (Currently not available)

12 Grain (Currently not available)

Special Request Only
(Currently by special request only, will be added back to main menu in the future)

Organic Cane Sugar Sourdough

Sourdough White

Traditional Rye:
(made using organic rye)

Sunflower-Pumpernickel Rye 

Limpa (Swedish Rye) 🐄

Spiral Rye 🐄

Sweet Bres
Signature Breads:
(regular pricing)

Rainbow Colours 🐔
Contains Carrots, Beets, Spinach & Potato

Hawaiian Sweet Bread 🐄 🐔

(Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal
Whole Wheat with Maple syrup)

Wakey, Wakey
(White, cocoa & coffee)

Sundried Tomato & Herb 

Sweet Bre's Boulangerie

Photography by: 

(Specialty pricing)

Cheese Breads(all 🐄 🐔)

Traditional Old Cheddar
Sun-dried Tomato, Onion & Cheddar
Garlic, Herb & Cheddar 
Herb & Cheddar 
Jalapeno Havarti (Currently not available)
Rosemary & Parmesan 
Applewood & Mozza (Currently not available)

Sweet Swirl Loaf -
[note dough types
🐄 🐔 

Dough Options: 
(1) Dairy Free, (2) Honey free, 
 or (3) dairy & egg free
Filling Options: Cinnamon Spice, Babka or gingerbread.

Tropical Swirl Loaf 
🐄 🐔
Hawaiian dough with a mango & coconut  swirl

Dough Options:
🐄 🐔
 or Cane
Strudel Filling: Mixed Berry, Apple & Cinnamon, Blueberry, Blueberry & Lemon, Raspberry, Strawberry

Sweet Bres
Signature Specialty:
(specialty pricing)

Mexican Chocolate 
🐄 🐔

Ginger Giraffe Bread

Cranberry & Orange Baguette

Pastries (all🐄🐔🐝

Pain au Chocolat


Cheese Twist Rolls (variety)
Cinnamon Sticky rolls (frosting optional)

Danish Pinwheels or flowers (sweet or savoury)

Pastry Swirls (sweet or savoury)

Cinnamon Twist Sticks (With Icing sugar or icing dip)

Heritage Bread Collection:

 Bara Brith 
🐄 🐔

...More Coming soon

Seasonal Items:


Harvest Struan

Pumpkin Spice 
(Specialty loaf)

Pumpkin Challah  


Cranberry & Savoury Stuffing

Pumpkin Spice Swirl Bread
(Specialty bread)

(Specialty Breads)

Pumpkin Spice 

Gingerbread Spice 
🐄 🐔

🐄 🐔

Rum Raisin
🐄 🐔

🐄 🐔

🐄 🐔

Cranberry & Orange Braid

    Bara Brith 
🐄 🐔

Cranberry & Savoury Stuffing


Easter Bread 
🐄 🐔

Hot Cross Rolls 
🐄 🐔


🐄  Contains Dairy

🐔 Contains Eggs

🐝 Contains Honey

* If you have an egg/dairy allergy please feel free to contact me, and I would be happy to speak with you about potential items I may be able to convert to a non-egg &/or dairy option.