Traditional Loaves:
Regular (~30cm x 11cm) - $7 each
Short (~25cm x 11cm) - $5 each

Speciality Loaves
Regular (~21.5cm x 11.5cm) - $7 each

Speciality Italian Baguette* *(Please note we do not offer Traditional French Baguettes, or Plain Italian Baguettes)
$7 each

Speciality Giant Flatbread (~50cm x 35cm) $8 per flatbread.

Speciality Rolls, Crescent Rolls or Kaisers
$8 per package of 6 rolls

Pull Apart, Hamburger Flats, Hot-dog rolls or English Muffins
$8 per package of 12 rolls

1/2 Dozen $10

$12 each

Snowflake & Speciality Shaped
$15 each

Family size (~12cmx50cm) $20 each
Mini-Strudels (~7cmx12cm) $4 each

Bread of the Week Club (BOTW)
Starting at $55 per 12 week season (paid upfront)
Choose from:
Surprise Me!
Speciality Breads
Healthy Whole Grains
White Only
Sweet Bread
Speciality Baguette
✓ "Roll-with-it" (Selection of dinner, kaisers & BBQ rolls)
"Speciality Roll-with-it" (selection of sweet & savoury rolls)
(Next Session Starts September 2nd, 2017)
(Pick up at one of our pick up locations)

* Home Delivery to HRM:
(Starting January 1st, 2018)
$5 delivery charge for orders under $20 
$2 delivery charge for orders $20 & above

Artisan Bread Making Workshop - 1 Day - All supplies included
(Up to 8 people)
Starting at $150
(There is an additional $10 per person for more than 8 people)
Contact us for more details

**Due to the fact that the bread does not contain:
no added preservatives,
no added chemicals &
no additives or conditioners in the bread
- the bread has a shorter shelf life then typical Store Bought Bread. During the summer this can mean it will only last on the counter for up to 3 days, and up to 5 or 6 days during the winter. As we all would like to get the most out of our loaf of bread, the best way to extend the "shelf life" is to put your bread in the fridge (or a cold storage area). This will extend the life up to 1-2 weeks. We recommended if you wish to store it longer then 2 weeks, to pre-slice it, and then store it in your freezer.**

***We unfortunately are not able to offer refunds on our product.***